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Nail design dappen glass Acrylic Nail design dappen glass
£ 1.28 *
NAIL-EON Remove Wraps Acrylic NAIL-EON Remove Wraps
from £ 1.76 *
Nightshine Powder Pastel Acrylic Nightshine Powder Pastel
from £ 1.76 *
nded acrylic color powder Acrylic nded acrylic color powder
from £ 3.51 *
nded acrylic powder Acrylic nded acrylic powder
from £ 3.51 *
nded Metallic Acrylic Powder Acrylic nded Metallic Acrylic Powder
from £ 3.51 *
nded Acrylic glitter powder Gold Acrylic nded Acrylic glitter powder Gold
from £ 3.51 *
nded Acrylic glitter powder White Acrylic nded Acrylic glitter powder White
from £ 3.51 *
Pinch Clamp Acrylic Pinch Clamp
£ 3.60 *
Black nail art nipper Acrylic Black nail art nipper
£ 5.56 *
NAIL-EON Acryl Brush Acrylic NAIL-EON Acryl Brush
from £ 8.14 *
Soak-Off nail soakers Acrylic Soak-Off nail soakers
£ 9.07 *
nded acrylic liquid Acrylic nded acrylic liquid
from £ 9.07 *
Pinch Sticks 6 pieces Acrylic Pinch Sticks 6 pieces
£ 9.07 *
Acrylic and cuticle nippers Acrylic Acrylic and cuticle nippers
£ 9.12 *
nded acrylic remover Acrylic nded acrylic remover
from £ 13.44 *
Acrylic nail polish stand Acrylic Acrylic nail polish stand
£ 15.55 *

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Acrylic Powder
The acrylic powder has been used in painting for some time. It is extremely durable and stable, allows an endless variety of colors and shapes and is relatively easy to handle. Artificial fingernails can also be shaped from acrylic...
Acrylic Liquids
Beautiful, modelled fingernails don’t have to be a dream. Even if your own nails are showing signs of wear and tear and don’t look very good. Buy best acrylic liquid and powder for nail salons. If someone wants to change that, and their...
Acrylic Accessories
We offer you large selection of high quality acrylic accessories and tools for creating artificial fingernails that last long. Our acrylic products are a perfect combination of professional quality powder and liquid. Using them will help you create amazing nails without problems. Acrylic brush, Pinch Sticks, nail design dappen glas and a lot more can be found under the kategory „Acrylic Accessories“.
Best acrylic nails in wholesale for use at home and in salons

As with a lot of things in nail design, America started the trend of creating fingernails out of acrylic. Here they have been used for some time and are starting to replace gel nails, just as around the world. It’s no wonder, because acrylic nails look absolutely real and are also easy to apply. An advantage for everyone who wants to model their fingernails themselves instead of always having to go to a professional nail studio. Along with the product selection, the quality is decisive. Both can be found here in the acrylic nail accessories product categories. If you don’t have a lot of practice or are a bit uncertain and want to first fine out more, then read through the acrylic modelling instructions. This contains tips and tricks for your nail design. Modelling templates save you from having to use artificial fingernail tips. This also makes the nails more stable. The nail preparation prepares the nail for the artificial nail by removing any grease from the fingernails so the acrylic product can stick well. If you already have acrylic nails and it’s time for new modelling, then the acrylic remover will help you. It quickly and easily removes the layers. You can find other important products for your individual design in the corresponding category under acrylic for artificial fingernails in the NDED online store. Products from NDED e.k. do not contain MMA (methyl methacrylate).

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