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Acrylic liquid for beginners in nail modeling
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Acrylic can be used to operate natural-looking nails. The editing is not nearly as difficult as it is often assumed. For working with acrylic, there are certain acrylic liquids, which are necessary for the location of the model. The nded acrylic liquid for beginner hardens more slowly and is so even beginners in the nails with acrylic-enough time. The liquid requires a time of 3 minutes approximately to cure, at this time the nails in peace and quiet can be modeled. Acrylic nails cure no UV lamp on the air means you need for the modeling with acrylic. Untrained nail designers dare not is often on the acrylic modelling because it quickly hardens acrylic and complicates the process. Slow cure liquid with these problems of the past. It is important for the acrylic modelling that not too close the cuticle and edges is working on, because the acrylic can otherwise quickly lifts. Also, the thorough cleaning of the brush is extremely important, according to the model, because this is otherwise unusable. No longer shy away from an acrylic modelling and test our fluid, which even beginners get satisfactory results. You will be amazed. We offer manufacturers many years of experience and the highest quality.


Step 1: Pour the acrylic liquid into a glass container (Dappen glass).

Step 2: Dip the acrylic brush into the acrylic liquid.

Step 3: Place the soaked acrylic brush horizontally in the acrylic powder.

Step 4: Apply the formed creamy mass on to the nail and start sculpting.

Tip: If you would like a little less liquid on your brush, wipe the brush on your glass

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