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nded acrylic liquid premium
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You want to model your nails with the acrylic technique? No problem, because a finger nail modeling with our acrylic powder and our nded acrylic making liquid, takes a little time. Before you begin the modelling, it is advisable if you disinfect your hands and push back your cuticles with a UV. Then you tarnish your natural nails with a buffer until no bright areas are more visible. Select the appropriate nail tips. After you have applied the nail tips apply the primer to the natural nails on. you want no artificial nails, put a template at the top of your nail and press on the right and left of the finger. Pour some of the liquid in a special glass of the nail design. Subsequently take an acrylic brush, submerge it into the liquid and wipe the brush on the edge of the glass. Sculpt a bead in the acrylic powder with the tip of the brush, put it in the middle of the nail and press it. If desired, repeat this step. Be sure to push the nail sides and to touch not the nail bed. In between, with the brush, form the nail. The brush is sticky, just back into the liquid dip and strip off. After the curing time of 2 minutes, you can file the nail smooth and polished to a high gloss. This product is part of our acrylic liquids, which is low-odour and a high-quality nail Studio-quality at a low price with us available.

0.04 Meters (m)
0.039 Meters (m)
0.103 Meters (m)

Step 1: The acrylic liquid by nded is low in odour.

Step 2: Use this just as you would use any other acrylic liquid and simply dip your brush into it.

Step 3: Place the soaked brush into the powder in order to form a spreadable mass.

Step 4: Start sculpting the nails with this spreadable mass.

Step 5: The curing time is 2 minutes.

Overall evaluations
Great value for money there is still a smell there but not has strong as other liquids i have used. I have not yet used the powder/liquid yet. Like in my other review should only have to pay for one VAT not twice
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