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NDED acrylic powder with anti-yellowing protection
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The nded acrylic powder with Cavaliers protection allows you to model your nails without hardening under a special UV light curing unit,. Do this, soak a suitable brush into the acrylic liquid and form a small ball around the brush around using a circular motion. Immediately afterwards, you muster the shaped beads on the top of the nail. The ball must be distributed it quickly and evenly, because this is nail design method even drying. Make also sure that the beads must be processed wet, and that there is the highest point of the C curve between the transition of the art and nail. Usually up to five beads is sufficient for a nail. You can choose this high-quality acrylic between three different colours. Whether you choose clear, Rosé or white - how your nails should look like. Do not hesitate and decide now. With us you will find the nail design acrylic powder micro luxury with Gan - stop and optical brightener, all other high-quality products and items that you need to model with acrylic. We manufacturer nail design exclusive discovery, provide nail design offers a good price performance ratio with best Studio quality. Test us and evaluate the product directly from our online store.


Step 1: Take the acrylic liquid and fill it into a glass container (Dappen glass).

Step 2: Now dip the acrylic brush into the acrylic liquid.

Step 3: Place the acrylic brush horizontally in the acrylic powder and wait until a spreadable little ball forms on the tip of the brush.

Step 4: In the next step, place the little ball on the nail and start sculpting the nail.

Step 5: When you have finished sculpting the nail, please wait until it is completely dry.

Step 6: Now file the nail into shape.

Step 7: To achieve a perfect shine, use a polishing block to polish the nail to a high gloss.

Tip: To achieve a nice shine of the nail you can also use a cellulose pad, moisten it with nail oil and then polish the nail.

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I love this powder. This company is amazing
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I love this company, they have brilliant products and would recommend them %100, love all there products and they are so well priced. 10 out 10
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