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Nail design – acrylic color powder
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Through the use of innovative Gan stops and a brightener, the nded prevents acrylic color powder, that the natural nail or nail art is visually undesirable yellowing and discoloration. Are no limits in the use of this high-quality powder more creativity. Some nail designers mix the colors with each other, so that an optical effect can be achieved. The use of this product is quite simple. It is used like any other acrylic powder. Prior to the application, the product must be mixed with the Acrylliquid. After mixing the mass must be with circular movements on the finger nail tip quickly be applied and distributed on the nail. The highest point must be when applied on the C curve, where the transition from the tip to the natural nail can be seen. Our acrylic color powder there not only in over 30 trendy colors and variations, but also in different sizes with 0.18 oz. (5 g), 1.06 oz. (30 g) or 17.64 oz. (500 g), so that each request can be fulfilled. Thanks to the unbeatable prices you can benefit from this Studio-quality, if you order this product from us.


Step 1: Fill the acrylic liquid into a glass container (Dappen glass).

Step 2: Now take the acrylic brush and dip it into the acrylic liquid.

Step 3: Dip the brush into the acrylic liquid, then dip the fully soaked brush into the acrylic colour powder of your choice.

Step 4: Place the little ball on the nail tip and shape a French tip.

Step 5: When the French tip has dried, you can continue sculpting the nail.

Tip: A sculpting form is available for creating a perfect smile line, it’s called the Edge Trimmer.

Overall evaluations
Los colores son precioso,me pedi unos pequeños para probar,pero sin duda repetire
Article: Glitter Gold | 5 g
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