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Paraffin Bath

Paraffin wax Paraffin Bath Paraffin wax
from £ 3.20 *
£ 7.11 / 1000 g
NAIL-EON paraffin wax set Paraffin Bath NAIL-EON paraffin wax set
£ 36.83 *
Paraffin wax bath footies Paraffin Bath Paraffin wax bath footies
£ 4.33 *
Paraffin wax bath mittens Paraffin Bath Paraffin wax bath mittens
£ 4.33 *
Paraffin wax Peach | 15.87 oz. (450 g) Paraffin Bath Paraffin wax Peach | 15.87 oz. (450 g)
£ 3.82 *
£ 8.49 / 1000 g
Paraffin-Bausatz 220w giovanni Paraffin Bath Paraffin-Bausatz 220w giovanni
£ 139.96 *
Paraffin 4.23 oz. (120g) peach Paraffin Bath Paraffin 4.23 oz. (120g) peach
£ 2.41 *
Wholesale paraffin bath set with wax supplies and buy cheap accessories for paraffin bath kits

Nothing is more erotic than the groomed hand of a woman with slender fingers, soft skin and fingernails of a decent length. It is the nails and their direct environment, nail bed and fingertips, that react so sensitively to every touch, that can sense the finest details and can touch, stroke or scratch. Fingers and fingernails need special care to keep this sensitivity, to stay healthy and still be resistant in every day life. This means that the skin must be supple and flexible, but may not be too hard. And this also means that the nails may not be to soft or they will tear or break. Nails that are too hard are also uncomfortable because they crack easily, get nicks and are susceptible to damage. A nail must be as supple as the skin, but may not be too soft. Fingernails and the surrounding skin are groomed and stabilized when they rest in a paraffin hand bath. The paraffin bath is best suited for problematic nails, but can also be beneficial to healthy nails. After all if maintains the flexibility of the nails and surrounding skin, which is a requirement for healthy and robust fingers. The paraffin hand bath from Nail eon comes directly from the manufacturer. You have a three year guarantee and correspondingly high standards for quality and safety. The corresponding paraffin wax can be found in our catalog in three versions: rose, lemon and peach. Paraffin bath set with wax and accessories for beautiful hands and feet to show off fashion nails.

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