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Other Nail Tips

Transparent modelling molds Other Nail Tips Transparent modelling molds
£ 8.12 *
£ 10.83 / 100 g
Patterned nail tips Other Nail Tips Patterned nail tips
from £ 3.29 *
Mosaic Tips Other Nail Tips Mosaic Tips
£ 2.96 *
£ 22.77 / 100 g
Quick French nail tips Other Nail Tips Quick French nail tips
from £ 5.75 *
£ 6.76 / 100 g
Other nail-tips, dual form and mosaic tips for gel nails

French manicure tips - you won’t just find nail tips for classic nail modeling, but also many other tips that provide with more diversity in nail design. Our selection of designed tips and French manicure tips will thrill you. All of our products are of the highest quality and will convince you. Our design nail tips come in a box of 70 pre-designed tips. These are easy to process and still lead to an absolutely perfect and satisfactory result. The biggest difficulty for you will be to choose from the many beautiful motifs. The tips have completely finished designs and are simply glued on to the natural nail. This is particularly practical when you don’t want to make the effort to draw the designs yourself or if you can’t. The tips are shortened to the desired length and shaped with gel or acrylic as normally. The French manicure has become a real classic. The nails always look clean and groomed, assuming they have been done properly. Our nail-tips, dual form and mosaic tips and quick manicure french tips are a big help here. Little effort for a big effect. You’ll get a perfect French manicure, either in white or rose. The tip box contains 128 tips in 16 sizes. Prepare the nails normally, select the correct tip size and glue the tip to the natural nail. You can then shorten the nail to the desired length and file it into shape. Finish your nails as usual with gel or acrylic and conjure up a perfect french look with a perfect smile line for yourself and others.

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