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Gel Nail Polish HIGHLIGHTS from NAIL-EON for Beautiful Nails
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Our Gel Nail Polishes have the qualities of Peel Off gel nail polish and strip lack. Simple don’t use the Primer and Base Coat, and you can remove our Gel Polish products after few days simply by peeling it away. Instead of Gel conventional Nail Polish varnish are also known as Gelish, UV Gel Nail Polish, Gel Polish, or UV varnish is a perfect way the nails for several weeks color to give that not chipping. Also our NAIL-EON Gel Nail Polish HIGHLIGHTS are ideally suited to make your Nails to give that certain something. You can both the whole nail pull over as well as set selective highlights with the gel coating. To best results to achieve, tarnish on your nails. Carry one Base coat on and hardens it into the UV lamp. The sweating layer is not removed. In the next step you can apply gel varnishes. Make sure that only a thin layer to apply, so that the UV light the colour pigments by hardens completely. Depending on the desired intensity of color you can include multiple One above the other layers. But cure each layer completely from. The sweating layer is removed at any layer. To the end of You a top coat on and it hardens in the light-curing unit. Do have Layer by layer worked, you can use the last layer Remove layer of sweat. Convince You yourself of this gel varnish. You will be completely amazed and This possibility of nail decoration no longer want to miss. We offer Them products of the highest quality, all the demands of the European standards and up to the date of the UV-gel research is produced. Now also in LED light curing units can be used!

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