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Thermal Nail Polish

Wholesale thermal nail polish suppliers

The temperature determines the color

What is special about the thermal nail polish and thermo UV nail polish is its response to changing temperature conditions. The gel polish changes the base color when the temperature rises into a different color tone or nuance. This effect is possible by special composition of the polish, which works with substances that react sensitively to changes in temperature. The color change takes place gradually, allowing for beautiful and diverse color plays on the nail. The following generally applies: The higher the ambient temperature, the more completely the change of color unfolds on the nail.

Thermal polish with changing colors in many variations

The thermal polishes are not only available in a variety of different color combinations but also vary in texture. There are polishes with glitter particles, in shimmering mother-of-pearl style or with a crackle effect. With regard to the colors, the pallet ranges from soft pastel, to flashy neon shades. The variations are ideal for a precise coordination of the nail art to the occasion, the outfit as well as the personal style.

Thermal UV Nail Polish - easy to use

The UV nail polish can be applied on modeled as well as on natural nails and combines the advantages of nail polish and color gel in one product. Especially as polish on the natural nail, UV polishes are considerably more durable than comparable conventional nail polishes. Important for the application: The nail must be filed to shape, the surface clean and dry; for a better grip, the surface must be slightly roughened, professionals use an appropriate buffer for this. As a foundation for the UV thermal paint, use a base coat. This, as well as the thermal polish itself is hardened under UV light to maintain their durability and resistance to external mechanical influences. Make sure that the dispersion layer created when the base coat hardens is not removed. The Thermo UV polish is applied directly to this layer.

Sealing for even more shine and durability

As with any gel product, a seal is recommended as a finish for the thermal UV polish. A top coat is suitable for this. This is applied thinly on the nail and hardened for two minutes under the UV light. For maximum shine, clean the surface with the cleaner and / or treat it with polishing oil.


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