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nded color pigments Gel nded color pigments
from £ 1.41 *
nded PURE color gel Gel nded PURE color gel
from £ 1.47 *
NAIL-EON Remove Wraps Gel NAIL-EON Remove Wraps
from £ 1.76 *
Nightshine Powder Pastel Gel Nightshine Powder Pastel
from £ 1.76 *
Mermaid pigment Gel Mermaid pigment
from £ 1.76 *
nded Chrome Pigments 0.11 oz. (3g) Gel nded Chrome Pigments 0.11 oz. (3g)
from £ 1.76 *
Pigment applicator set of 0.18 fl.oz. (5 G)el Pigment applicator set of 5
£ 1.76 *
Gel Nail Polish NAIL-EON Pastel Gel Gel Nail Polish NAIL-EON Pastel
from £ 1.87 *
nded Premium UV nail polish nude Gel nded Premium UV nail polish nude
from £ 1.87 *
NAIL-EON UV Nail Polish Crisp Gel NAIL-EON UV Nail Polish Crisp
from £ 2.00 *
nded soak-off bonding gel Gel nded soak-off bonding gel
from £ 2.04 *
nded Fiberglass Builder Gel Gel nded Fiberglass Builder Gel
from £ 2.07 *
nded Fiberglass 1-phase gel Gel nded Fiberglass 1-phase gel
from £ 2.07 *
from £ 2.23 *
nded Top Coat Glimmer Gel nded Top Coat Glimmer
from £ 2.25 *

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Base Gel
Best bonding gel and base gel for gel nails, supplies at home and nail salons. Natural nails are delicate. Just like everything made by nature, they look beautiful when they are well maintained, but break easily and when faced with mechanical irritations such as long periods of typing on the computer, using tools, dust and...
French Gel
Nail Modelling with best french gel for beautiful french manicure. Fingernails with this design impress with sheer elegance and care, in spite of simple handling they always look excellent and, even more, they are protected. This is because polishes, removers and other substances are...
2 in 1 Color Gel
2 in 1 soak off color gel with UV or LED for gel nails makes life fun, lights up everyday life and is definitely an eye catcher. This doesn’t only apply to art, but also to design. Be it office furniture, computer panels or file cabinets - colorful objects...
Thermal Gel
Thermo color uv gel and thermal gel are perfect for those who want to combine a durable gel modelling with exciting color effects. The color gel, which is applied in the course of the nail build up, changes its color depending on the temperature. The high-quality color gels are available in a variety of combinations.
UV Gel Nail Polish
Buy cheap UV gel nail polishes are also called UV nail polishes and are the new trend for natural nails and artificial nails. They are thin viscous, just like air-curing nail polish, but last up to 14 days on the nails. There are many different names for gel polish in nail design, such as for example: UV nail polish and peel-off polish and gel polish. They harden completely in 120 seconds under UV light and in just 30 to 60 seconds under CCFL and LED lights. These scratch-resistant polishes are available in high-gloss colors and as matt variants.
Builder Gel
Nail design is not that easy. It involves the knowledge of the practical use of many various materials, of regulations and measures for hygiene, care and also technical skill. The application of artificial nails.. Buy cheap LED sculpting gel and uv builder gel for best french manicure.
3 in 1 Phase Gel
Gel nails are built using 1 phase gel, 2 phase- or 3 in 1 phase gels by repeatedly layering individual layers of LED UV gel. The polymer - or plastic - gels have to be painted and hardened in several phases. 1-phase gel replaces adhesive gel and finish gel, meaning only gel (1 phase gel) is used for all layers.
Sealing Gel
High-quality UV sealing gel, sealer and LED quick finish top gels from matt to high gloss. Wholesale sealing gel supplies - Buy cheap LED quick finish top gels. Protect your natural and artificial nails for weeks at an affordable price. Artificial nails require a certain degree of care to stay beautiful as long as possible. This requires using different gels that are painted on in various work steps while making and decorating artificial fingernails...
New technologies quickly find their way into cosmetic use and hence in nail design. Therefore it was just a matter of time until the LED gels also fell into the hands of the nail designers and nail studios.
UV Gel
UV gels are used more and more in the field of nail design. Using UV gels on your fingernails, your hands will always appear perfectly tended. Besides that, our UV gels also help to protect your fingernails against externals influences and chipping. There are many options how you can use the UV gels.
Soak Off Gel
Wholesale soak off gel supplies for gel nails, nail salons and at home. Fingernails grow, wear down, develop small tears and cracks. In extreme cases this is really unattractive, but it is annoying before it even becomes visible. Even the smallest bumps in nails can lead to tears, corners can...
Color Pigments
The products in the category of nail art color pigments for gel nails offer diverse possibilities for designing fingernails. Whether you are a private user or you run a mobile or stationary nail salon - you will find a selection of...
Have you often sat in a nail studio and wondered if you would also be able to do your nails yourself? After all, it’s nice to try it once alone and be as creative as you want to be. Wholesale fiberglass nails supplies. Along with...
Best American-Line uv gel for perfekt nails - offer a beautiful possibility for nail design that leaves nothing to be desired. Colorful, fashionable, bright, with glitter, metallic or neon shades, anything is possible. The UV gels used for modelling American-Line uv gel nails are...
The Euro-Line of UV gels for artificial nails have a special characteristic: Contrary to most other UV gels, these are generally smooth. There are no unsightly ridges, folds from any partially hardened surfaces...
Vylet-Nails Elements
Are you seriously thinking of doing something for your otherwise well-cared for hands, do you have to deal with problem nails or would you like to just make a small but elegant and effective change to your appearance? Artificial...
Vylet-Nails Revolution
Artificial nails are nice to have. They are relatively durable, stable and can take a lot of things that would destroy natural nails. And they protect the natural nail, which despite all care and maintenance normally suffers under...
Vylet-Nails Studio Edition
The Vylet-Nails Studio Edition offers everything you need for gel nails. Vylet Nails products come directly from the manufacturer, they are high quality and easy to use. Vylet Nails Studio Edition is a series of UV gels for...
Wholesale UV gel and cheap LED color gels for gel nails and supplies
UV gel & LED color gel: The growing number of professional nail studios using our products is a sign that we meet high demands on product selection and quality requirements. As a private user you can take advantage of the experience reflected in the nail design LED UV gel products in our portfolio for excellent results when you create and do your nail design yourself. The items offered by Nail Design Exclusive Discovery and the corresponding refill sets are also shipped in original packages at reasonable prices. The corresponding categories show all products required for perfect modelling of your artificial fingernails. This includes, for example, the Vylet Nails Elements bonding gel that ensures long durability and best adhesion. Euro-Line LED phase gels naturally go on smooth and have an adhesive strengthener. The problem nail set, which we developed and manufacture ourselves, also makes adhesion on extremely problematic nails possible. You can select any product, because the category covers a wide range of products, including the items that work with the very popular French nails. And of course our wide range of products also includes nail design UV building gels, color gels as well as the appropriate nail design sealing gel in various designs and package sizes. Take a look through our color gel category - it leaves nothing to be desired! Products from NDED e.k. do not contain MMA (methyl methacrylate).
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