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Wholesale American-Line offers star nail designs and VIP nails

American-Line UV gel for perfect nails and nail design offer a beautiful possibility for nail design that leaves nothing to be desired. Colorful, fashionable, bright, with glitter, metallic or neon shades, anything is possible. The gels used for modelling American-Line nails are robust and, once hardened under UV light, extremely durable. And everything is so easy with these nails, they hold up to many activities. It doesn’t always have to be brightly colored and obvious - American-Line uv gel nails also offer a discrete look. If you prefer pastel shades, understated elegance or the purist design of a French manicure, then that’s your choice. These wishes are easy to implement with American-Line. Take a look through our catalog. You will be surprised at the diverse color options for American-Line uv gel nails. All color gel are UV gels, they harden completely. And of course all of the products are compatible. The individual gels in American-Line nails are coordinated so you can easily used everything from one manufacturer. What you might not know: The gels used for American-Line were developed in polymer research. This field is normally not involved in beauty products, but in researching polymers, which are plastics with properties that make them suitable for technological and daily uses. Did you ever think that your UV gel for American-Line nails might have come from the same research laboratory as the paneling on your computer?

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