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NDED bonding gel for nail modeling
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You have the choice between two different versions for a professional nail modeling with gel. The professional, higher-quality version is with a base, build-up and sealing gel modeled. That means three different jars with the respective content of the gel. Should you choose phase-Builder gel modelling for a 3, the nded priming gel without the addition of acid is exactly the right UV adhesive gel for a perfect start of your nails. Start the finger nails with the matting of your natural nails. Fit the tip in the next step and glue it using a special nail glue to the natural nail. Then cut and shapes you the tip as desired and file the transition to the natural nail flat. Use a bonding agent, which is from the same manufacturer of the priming gel and wear it only on your natural nail. Next, type priming gel with a brush of gel on the nail and allow it to harden. Please be careful that none of the cuticle gets. But if you clean the edge with an orange wood stick. This gel layer significantly increases the adhesion between the nail and the building gel and it belongs on top to the UV gel & color gel, which is ideally suited for problem nails. Do not hesitate and secure this high quality primer gel at a small price. All nded gels are even varieties without the addition of acid and therefore suitable for allergy sufferers.


The gels or colour gels do not harden.

The gel you selected develops a sticky layer after curing, a so-called sweat layer.
The sticky layer (sweat layer) can be removed with Nail Cleaner, however, it should remain on the nail if you want to seal your nail sculpture.

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