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Wholesale Euro-Line supplies for perfect nails
The Euro-Line of UV gels for artificial fingernails have a special characteristic: Contrary to most other UV gels, these are generally smooth. There are no unsightly ridges, folds from any partially hardened surfaces that are still soft under the surface, no dents of other surface irregularities. This makes the fingernail appear not only perfectly smooth but also gives it the typical gloss of professionally modelled nails. No natural nail is as glossy and smooth, because these always grow back with a slight irregularity which gives them character but doesn’t allow for an even gloss. Euro-Line gels have a honey effect. This is responsible for the automatic smoothing of the nails. This is very practical - especially for use at home, far from the nail studio with the professionals. Normally one needs a great deal of skill to perfectly smooth out the UV gels or nails. Even with all the convenience, our products meet all European standards. The gels have been scientifically researched and tested for compatibility, and that brings us to the second feature of the Euro-Line: All gels are suitable for people with allergies. The polymers used for the base have been selected to ensure that you won’t have any skin reactions or other irritations. Aside from this, the Euro-Line gels can do everything that the American Line nails also can do. Colorful designs, glitter effects, special gloss and metallic looks are just as possible as sleek pastel tones and the elegant appearance of a French manicure.
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