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Sealing Gel

Wholesale sealing gel supplies - Buy cheap LED quick finish top gels

Artificial nails require a certain degree of care to stay beautiful as long as possible. This requires using different gels that are painted on in various work steps while making and decorating artificial fingernails. One of these is sealing gel. Sealing gel gives the artificial fingernail a glossy coat that can be polished and protects the material. The gel forms a protective film over the nail and smooths the surface, it seals the smallest bumps where cracks could form or residue could collect. Using this gel to complete work on artificial fingernails is not only a question of aesthetics, but also hygiene. After all, only a perfectly smooth surface can prevent the smallest particles, soil or bacteria from adhering.    The sealing gels in our collection are optimally suitable for use on gel nails. The gel is high quality, extremely well tolerated and corresponds to European standards in every regard. These can be purchased in various versions, as a middle viscosity gel with extremely short drying time, as a high-gloss version and in various package sizes. If you are not certain which products to trust - just try them with a small package that is not very expensive. This is a good idea for home use in any event. On the other hand, for professional nail designers, the larger packages are more practical. Buy cheap LED quick finish top gels at home. Wholesale sealing gel supplies.

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