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Quick finish top gel for a high gloss finish of your nail sculpting
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nded quick finish top coat is a top-class containing acrylic sealing gel. The unbeatable, bright shiny finish for your nails is special and unique to this version. The term ' high gloss' true 100%. Just like the common UV gel and colour gel, it is an absolute guarantee for a successful modelling. This special sealing gel is thin viscous in consistency and pulls smoothly thanks to state of the art development independently. Our advanced Gel can be easily processed. It is thinly applied on the nail so that it reaches its high gloss finish at the end. A short curing time is another factor, which can be seen as a big plus. nded quick finish top coat hardens in less than 3 minutes. The specific amount of time is of course dependent on the performance of the UV light instrument that is used. This phase with a light-curing unit with 36 Watt luminous efficiency is remarkably short, because then our high gloss is cured finish product in up to 1.5 minutes. You have the choice between different bottlings. In our offer we have crucibles in the following sizes: 0.18 fl.oz. (5 ml), 10.18 fl.oz. (5 ml), 1.06 fl.oz. (30 ml), 1.76 fl.oz. (50 ml) and 21.76 fl.oz. (50 ml). Each individual container is welded underneath the screw cap with foil so that you get always a fresh and flawless goods. Let yourself be enchanted by the glamour and forward to quality direct from the manufacturer! Contains acrylic shares.


Like the UV gel and color gel in our online shop the LED Sealing Gel is also easy to process. Therefore it is ideally suited for perfect nail modellings with professional studio quality without producing a dispersion layer.

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Article: NDED | 15 ml
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