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Thermal Gel Thermal Gel Find your Thermal Gel in more than 50 different colors To your favorite color

Thermal Gel

Best thermal gel creates magic nails

Thermal color gel variants from delicate to extravagant

The thermal color gels are available in many different color combinations. This makes delightful nails possible, which can be coordinated perfectly to the personal style as well as the particular occasion. The color change takes place from a defined output color to a nuance or a shade in the same style, so several nail designs are created in one step. Particularly clever additional effects result from variations with glitter pigments, pearl shimmer or the shimmering transparent flip flop gels with integral particles.


Work like thermal color gels

The special property of the thermal color gels is their response to different temperature conditions. The base tone when the color gel is applied changes step by step into a second defined tone when the temperature increases. Because the color change takes place gradually, the nails always appear different and exciting. A color change can also occur, for example, when a warm finger is placed on the nail. If the environment and the nail surface cool down, then the color changes again.

This can be particularly effective in the evening: With a chilled drink in hand, the nail also cools and thus changes its color in a short time. Even when temperatures cool down outdoors, the special color effect is created, which is so typical for the thermal UV color gels.


Use in nail design

The color gel is the last layer in the modelled nail before it is sealed. Then nail is shaped as normal. A primer is applied to the natural nail, this is the basis for the adhesion of the subsequent adhesive or building gel. Once the gel nail has been built to a perfect C curve, the color gel is applied thinly to the nail plate and cured under the UV lamp. To achieve the desired color intensity, this process can be repeated. Careful curing is important, this is best achieved with the thinnest possible layers of gel. The finish is a top coat, which acts as a seal and keeps the color intensity of the thermal gel for a long time. The top coat is hardened under the UV light and then cleaned or treated with polishing oil. This creates glossy nails with brilliant colors and exciting changing colors.
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