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French design with Vylet-Nails elements French gel – nail tip gel
The color of the images may differ.

You will find that your nails always according to the model, still no Naturalness radiate? Don't worry, with the Vylet-Nails Elements Gel you are correct just French. This UV-French high gloss gel is in its purest form the best decision for a natural French look. Have applied once the priming layer can you either build layer from the series of Vylet-Nails Further model element or just continue with the French gel. Find colors advance, following French: soft white, white,. Pink Milky or Heavenly White from your Favorites and take that first coat on your nails. After curing, if you wish, you can model more layers. Each Layer of gel should be applied thinly so that a 100% ige Curing with the UV lamp is guaranteed. Almost all these colors In a thin viscosity, soft on the color white, which is thick viscous. Thanks to the effect of honey, the gel moves smoothly by itself, and thus simplifying a hassle-free processing with unsschlagbaren results. Do have so colorful nails sorry and love more the naturalness, should In any case for this high-quality French gel you choose. Still undecided? Then you look each simply high-quality UV gel & color gel of this renowned product range in our shop on. Then you are determined our for a Article decide.


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