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Vylet-Nails Revolution Finish Gel
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The culmination of a successful nail modeling is a perfect brilliant final layer. Thus you also to enjoy of this optical Highlights are, you can join the Vylet-Nails Revolution Order sealing gel. It is a guarantor for particularly high-gloss Nails. You will get quality our special sealer in highest nail salon. You can use our professional sealing product on gel and acrylic model layers apply. Is the surface after hardening in the UV light curing unit modeled shock- and scratch-resistant coated nails. An incredibly reflecting and brilliant result will enchant you. Having already had experience our other exclusive gels from the Vylet-Nails Revolution series collected? These form together with our high-quality sealing gel a unit of harmonious and adhering very well on the nails. Of course, can For the processing of even a different UV gel and color gel from our Select the online offer. The finish gel is thin and evenly than last Layer applied on the building gel. In the implementation of an acrylic modelling is painted on it as a last step on the building. As protective property we have our final gel UV protection Add. This extra anti-Gan-stop prevents, that your beautiful Fingernails when sunlight fading. Her manicured nails remain Get them for weeks. Look forward to wonderful nail model layers, the You can create thanks to our professional articles in the blink of an eye. Can trust our product diversity is fascinated by our knowledge and let.

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