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nded mild nail cleaner – Nail Cleaner soft for gentle cleaning
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As a special cleaning fluid for the natural nail, the nded nail cleanser mild - Nail Cleaner soft is absolutely essential to the nail art accessory. 70% isopropyl alcohol ensures a disinfectant effect, so that not only cleaning, but also hygiene are always taken into account. The cleaner is used for degreasing and cleaning the nail plate before painting or in front of the nail model.

Another area of ​​application for the nail cleanser from the category cleaning, disinfection & removal of nded is also available during the gel model. The condensation layer formed after curing the gel layers can be removed easily and completely with the Nail Cleaner. This ensures that the next layer is also safe. Acrylic, fiberglass and nail polish can also be removed easily with the liquid. For use, the nded nail cleaner is applied to a cell tray, the nail is wiped with the impregnated cell tray until the last remains of varnish or fat are removed from nail. For stubborn deposits the nail surface can also be soaked with the cleaner. Depending on whether the Nail Cleaner is used softly in the private or professional area, different container sizes of 100 to 0.18 fl.oz. (5,000 ml) are available. Bottles for filling are also available in the shop! NDED Nail Cleaner Mild - Premium Nail Cleaner Soft 70% isopropyl alcohol for nail modeling, manicure and pedicure.


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