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Nail design cleaning and disinfectant – NDED nail tip remover
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Here present an indispensable product in the field of cleaning, disinfection and removal. It is the nded tip Solver which can remove tips of your fingernails through his enormous power. If you have once placed an artificial nail incorrectly on the natural nail and secured with glue, this fluid is a true helper. The application is simple and effective. It is especially important that previously clear existing model layers of gel. Please file the material up on the tip down. Fill a small quantity of Tiplöser in a small bowl and keep about 1-2 minutes in the fluid corresponding fingernails. Alternatively, we offer also a remover can with sponge here in the shop (Art.Nr.: 1300) at. While soaking up the tip slowly dissolves. Please do not tear off whose remains with violence, because there is a danger that you violate any of the natural nail. Should remains not immediately resolve, you little longer linger in the bathroom until about detach easily from the nail. Please make sure that you always screw on the CAP. Please apply the product in well ventilated rooms! Contents: 3.52 fl.oz. (100 ml), 35.2 fl.oz. (35.2 fl.oz. (1000 ml)), 175.98 fl.oz. (5000 ml) (5 x 35.2 fl.oz. (35.2 fl.oz. (1000 ml))). Look around in peace. You will be amazed by the quality of the products!

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