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Nail Care

Nail care supplies for good nail design using our products, tools and equipment

When the nail care for the natural nails consists only of painting them prettily or of gluing on artificial fingernails, that may be pretty, but it’s not long-term nail care. The constant gluing of artificial nails or continuous painting is hard on nails over the long term if they are not cared for regularly before being decorated. Indirectly this care involves a healthy and balanced diet; directly it involves the use of professional products. The cream stick, for example, has nourishing vitamins and can be used to care for nails and cuticles. It is easy to handle and uses the latest research. Treat your nails to a small break after you have removed the nail polish or artificial nails. The oil has caring ingredients that give weak fingernails and torn cuticles and pantothenate, which your nails absorb through a calcium nail care, prevents the natural nail from tearing.

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