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Nail design preparation and finish – NDED primer – bonding agent
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The nded primer provides the perfect Foundation for the subsequent nails. This fluid provides a long-lasting and stable connection of natural nail and all common nail design systems. Many customers have thin, fragile, brittle, oily nails or need to deal professionally with water. The correct application is the be-all and end-all in preparation and finish for lifting-free nail treatments. Start cleaning your nails and disinfect them. Now you take care carefully to your cuticles. Slightly rough on your nail. Think also of the corners. If your nails are satin-finish, remove even the filing. Soak a Zellette with cleaner and clean your nails it again. Then our primer is applied sparingly with the brush on the clean and dry nail. The highly effective adhesion promoter is extremely economical, making its processing very comfortable and economical. It can be spread very well. However, you should sure when applied with the brush on it that the specimen with the skin comes or ultimately even upon a set tip is removed. Then, the gel/acrylic/fiberglass of the tip can later burst. Now you can continue as usual further processing steps. Content: 0.53 fl.oz. (15 ml), or 140.78 fl.oz. (4000 ml). fixed stop and no shedding more - convince yourself!

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