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Artificial nail Fimo sticks Fimo Artificial nail Fimo sticks
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Fimo “fruit salad” Fimo Fimo “fruit salad”
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Fimo flowers Fimo Fimo flowers
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Best fimo for summer nails with fruit slices and canes
Groomed hands are beautiful. They invite touch and pleasure, are a feast for the eyes and stimulate the imagination. It is unbelievably difficult to keep natural fingernails beautiful and groomed - they are too delicate to always look perfect, too susceptible to stress, insufficient nutrition, lack of sleep and stress. To protect nails, nail art polish can be painted on - or artificial nails can be attached. These are not only less delicate, but also offer protection from external influences and give the natural nail time to regenerate. Artificial nails make all dreams of nail art design come true. They can do everything natural nails can do and much more: You can use Fimo as a basis for the nail art. The small, colorful nail art chips of hard rubber are lovingly hand-crafted and each one is unique. They are placed in soft UV gel or when creating an artificial nail, harden with the material and are then almost indestructible. Well, they last at least as long as the artificial nail ... Fimo jewelry is available in several versions. Fruity colorful nail art disks, with a design based on fresh fruit, available in various “fruits”, in small or large and even mixed nail art packages. A different design is called “vegetable soup” - as the name indicates, these are nail art designs that are based on the appearance of sliced vegetables. Flower patterns are also available as Fimo jewelry sticks, you can cut these yourself, the corresponding Fimo knife is in our nail art catalog. Buy cheap nail art fimo fruits slices and canes wholesale supplies.
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