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Nail design Fimo sticks for your fingernails
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In the nail art, polymer clay offers another way for outlandish creations. You can be with our nail art Fimo sticks created many motifs and patterns. There are many colors available, which simply make the choice. The various hard rubber tiles are manufactured by hand. Each of them is unique. Available options are for example, flower pattern which therefore come in a Fimostange and can even be cut. Those who prefer fruity like it takes our fruity-colored discs that are reminiscent of fresh fruit. Also for those who like dear asterisk or butterflies, the Fimostangen to the selection are provided. With our special polymer clay knife can you playing the bars easy to cut. To make the small masterpieces durable and virtually indestructible, they are inserted in non-hardened gel and cured together with the gel. Also, they can be applied to acrylic. You can give your design ideas completely free rein. If you combine only one or more Fimoplättchen on all nails or just a nail, the imagination is limitless. You can trust our years manufacturer's warranty. We can supply high quality. Join with us and do not miss the Fimo nail art. Unleash your imagination and create designs that make others green with envy.

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