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Flitter and glitter from the nail shop for toe nail art

Many small accessories, various materials and components make artificial nails into a piece of art. While natural nails are more sensitive to a lot of decorations, almost anything is possible with artificial nails. They can be glossy, glittery, colorful, designed three-dimensionally and pierced. Jewelry, nail art flitter, glitter and stones can be added to the artificial nails and can make nail design into high-quality art. The only requirement: The appearance must match. A woman’s hand is too beautiful to be ruined by improperly designed nails. It’s more important for the nails to match the personal style. They may not be too obvious, but also not too sleek. Tinsel strips are small, glittery threads that can enhance an artificial nail. The tinsel threads are completely harmless, they are sent directly from the manufacturer and are produced with the utmost care. And they are easy to work with: Tinsel threads are placed on the still soft polish or UV gel. They are used during the nail shaping process. Once the polish or gel has hardened the tinsel is fixed firmly onto the nail. They are not a problem for daily wear because they are almost flush with the shaped nail - in nail studios they are quite often found in pre-made nails. The thin threads are available in many colors and designs, in a single color, iridescent, rainbow colors, metallic and in colorful mixtures.

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