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Star hollow shapes Shapes Star hollow shapes
from £ 0.75 *
Flower shapes Shapes Flower shapes
from £ 0.68 *
Drop shapes Shapes Drop shapes
£ 1.76 *
Drop shapes Grass green Shapes Drop shapes Grass green
£ 0.53 *
Flower shapes Green Shapes Flower shapes Green
£ 0.53 *
Musical note shapes Shapes Musical note shapes
from £ 0.68 *
Star hollow shapes Orange Shapes Star hollow shapes Orange
£ 0.53 *
Heart shapes Shapes Heart shapes
from £ 0.68 *
Butterfly shapes Shapes Butterfly shapes
from £ 0.68 *
4-leaf clover shapes Shapes 4-leaf clover shapes
£ 1.76 *
Dolphin shapes Shapes Dolphin shapes
from £ 1.28 *
Star shapes Shapes Star shapes
from £ 0.68 *
Nail art glitter compass Shapes Nail art glitter compass
£ 0.81 *
Nail art spider web Shapes Nail art spider web
from £ 0.77 *
Heart hollow shapes Shapes Heart hollow shapes
from £ 0.68 *
Nail art nets Shapes Nail art nets
from £ 1.76 *
Feather nail art leopard Shapes Feather nail art leopard
from £ 1.77 *
Skeleton leaves Shapes Skeleton leaves
£ 0.75 *
Leaf shelleys, colored Shapes Leaf shelleys, colored
£ 9.07 *
Nail art silver glitter mix Shapes Nail art silver glitter mix
£ 1.76 *
Dolphin shapes Green Shapes Dolphin shapes Green
£ 1.23 *
Beautyful nails with best nail art shapes

Small, sleek shapes that light up against a colorful background. Accessories that match the overall appearance but are still noticeable. Industrial pre-finished templates, products and samples that are your very own context for professional expression... What started in the art of the early 20th century with the ready made works of Marchel Duchamp is now in daily use in architecture, room design, art and photography. Normal, serial produced and mainly mechanically produced objects and shapes are inserted into an existing work of art and change, become works or art themselves. This sounds like Andy Warhol and the soup cans on the canvas, this sounds like Jasper Johns and the coffee cups and warning signs found in his oversized paintings - and this is also true in nail design. Nail art shapes are small, slick shapes of plastic or metal that can be integrated into colorfully designed, painted nails. Shapes can be in stars, hearts, butterflies or flowers, are available in just about any shape and can give the final touch to a beautifully designed nail. After all they can be used on soft polish. Once the polish has set, the shapes are set and will last for a long time. The small patterns can be attached individually or as a series, can highlight an individual nail or turn the nails into an overall image. These allow for many different design possibilities for professional designers as well as for hobby artists.

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