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Straight Nail Files

nded professional files Straight Nail Files nded professional files
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nailfile Big black 80/100 Straight Nail Files nailfile Big black 80/100
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Cheap straight nail files as well as professional files can be used for nails
Files are a very important tool in nail design. They are used for the manicure as well as for working on artificial nails. Natural nails require files with a different grain than for gels or acrylic nails. You will find many different files for all uses in our selection. Straight files are very stable and extremely durable. They can be used for a long time since they can be washed off and therefore last a long time. The files have provided the best results for many years in private use as well as in professional nail studios.   With the files, fine or rough irregularities can be easily worked out. There are many different grains available. The files are available in a very fine grain of 240/240, fine with 180/180, rough with 100/100 or fine/rough 100/180. The combined files can be used for all rough work such as, for example, to file off of an acrylic or gel layer use the rough side with the grain 100. The fine side with the grain 180 is best suited for all work on natural nails and to file the excessive length. This side of the file is ideal for finishing off the modelling. For all files, the higher the grain, the finer the file. Convince yourself for the high quality of our products, you will be thrilled.
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