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Pedicure Kits

Best pedicure kits for pedicures and toenail with electric pedicure sets
Care from head to toe. Many times, this well-known saying is not actually the case. The feet are the most important parts of the body, and unfortunately often one of the most neglected body parts. They carry us reliably over many years, can be squeezed into tight and poorly ventilated shoes and and don't give in even under great stresses. Foot care is therefore very important.

While the podiatrist deals mainly with the health aspects of foot care, the nail designer ensures clean and beautiful feet in the cosmetic area with our pedicure set. The toenails in particular can be professionally maintained with the devices from our care sets. Attachments are also available to carefully remove calluses and cracks.

The pedicure is all about the foot. Pedicure sets contain all the tools necessary for a professional manicure at home or in the nail salon. Above all, it is very important to have a powerful grinding unit that can be used flexibly with a variety of attachments. This makes it possible to file or polish the nails with little effort. In particular, the nails on the big toe, which are often very thick, can be gently and effectively shaped. The pedicure kits can be sent in a practical hard shell case, for example. All components are clearly arranged, can be stored in a space-saving and secure manner and can easily be transported if necessary. This expands the work palette in the mobile nail studio by an important and attractive point that can be a real differentiator.

In addition to the nail itself, various attachments can also be used to care for the skin of the foot. Calluses always form on the foot. This protects the sensitive skin, for example on the balls of the feet or on the heel. The callus is too thick, it may develop tears and painful changes. To keep it from going this far, the protective layer should be removed regularly. Using filing attachments that can be placed on the grinder, excess skin can be removed reliably. A final footbath, for example as a paraffin bath, also cares for the feet and makes them soft and supple. Just as the pedicure sets, paraffin baths and other care products designed especially for the feet can be found in the nded online shop.

Browse through our online shop and find pedicure sets and many more products to care for and beautify feet or core creative nail art for more than just the toenails! High-quality products, a wide selection and a fast delivery service with fair conditions make for even more fun in selection, purchase and use of our articles!

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