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Cosmetic Chairs

nded Studio Chair Cosmetic Chairs nded Studio Chair
from £ 68.04 *
£ 5.32 / 1000 g
Rolling Stool AM-303 White Cosmetic Chairs Rolling Stool AM-303 White
£ 72.46 *
Saddle stool AM302 white Cosmetic Chairs Saddle stool AM302 white
£ 92.23 *
Cosmetic chair A-5299 white Cosmetic Chairs Cosmetic chair A-5299 white
£ 141.44 *
rico beauty chair 299 white Cosmetic Chairs rico beauty chair 299 white
£ 315.77 *
Beauty stool AM304 white Cosmetic Chairs Beauty stool AM304 white
£ 98.68 *
Saddle stool 001B black Cosmetic Chairs Saddle stool 001B black
£ 120.45 *
rico salon 206 white Cosmetic Chairs rico salon 206 white
£ 305.91 *
rico beauty chair 306 white Cosmetic Chairs rico beauty chair 306 white
£ 194.08 *
rico beauty chair 167 white Cosmetic Chairs rico beauty chair 167 white
£ 493.41 *
rico cosmetic chair 399 white Cosmetic Chairs rico cosmetic chair 399 white
£ 246.70 *
Gabbiano Inox 014 footrest silver Cosmetic Chairs Gabbiano Inox 014 footrest silver
£ 39.89 *
Beauty Rollchair AM-303 Black Cosmetic Chairs Beauty Rollchair AM-303 Black
£ 72.50 *
Tattoo armchair per 0428 black Cosmetic Chairs Tattoo armchair per 0428 black
£ 789.41 *
nded Studio Chair Orange- Caramel Cosmetic Chairs nded Studio Chair Orange- Caramel
£ 75.91 *
£ 5.93 / 1000 g
nded Studio Chair White Cosmetic Chairs nded Studio Chair White
£ 68.04 *
£ 5.32 / 1000 g
Professional cosmetic chairs for nail salons
What should be noted when purchasing a cosmetic chair?
The most important feature for the customer in a cosmetic chair is a comfortable and well-padded seat. With the adjustment possibilities, the most comfortable seat position can be set for each treatment method and the visit in the studio becomes a relaxing pleasure. The adjustment possibilities are a benefit for the cosmetologist or nail designer, who can work in a relaxed manner and can always adjust the position to the customer ergonomically.

First and foremost, the models have differing settings and control methods. The simplest version is the manual cosmetic chair. Notch controls adjust the back and footrest position. Although power-consuming and somewhat tedious, the simple mechanics are reflected by the reasonable price. The manual models are especially suitable when the chair does not need to be adjusted often. This is the case for manicures, for example. Therefore, these models are well suited as original equipment in new nail salons.

Hydraulic beauty chairs offer more comfort in terms of adjustment possibilities. Usually this involves combined adjustment mechanisms. While the elements are manually or electrically adjustable, the working height of the chairs is adjusted hydraulically by a foot pedal. Finely adjusting the position is often a manual task. This type of cosmetic chair is especially suitable when few adjustments are necessary.

The electrical cosmetic chair offers maximum comfort. Several motors controlled via a remote control allow the easy and infinitely variable adjustment of the individual parts. Depending on whether the cosmetics chairs have double, triple or even quadruple adjustment possibilities, the corresponding number of motors a connected to the chair and reliably control the angle of inclination. For example the headrest, backrest, seat height and footrest can be adjusted. The result: The customer sits absolutely comfortably on the cosmetic chair and can relax through even longer treatments.

Nail designers and cosmetologists who also want to offer their customers the best of comfort locally can use mobile cosmetic chairs. The chairs are easy transport, are flexibly adjustable and very comfortable. The person being treated and the person doing the treating benefit from the various features and adjustment possibilities.

An important point for the cosmetic chair is the upholstery. This must be comfortable for the customers on the one hand and on the other, easy to keep clean and hygienic. Often, therefore, the surfaces are made of artificial leather or similar material. The easy to maintain surfaces can be disinfected, superficial dirt is easy to remove with a damp cloth. 

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