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Nail Forms

Nail forms - reusable forms, dual nail systems and metal nail forms

Are you looking for a possibility of decorating your nails quickly and easily but still with effects. It doesn’t matter what design you are looking for, whether it be white flower patterns for wedding nails, Christmas trees, Easter bunnies, angels or colorful patterns for the summer. With templates all designs can be easily transferred to the nails. Stamping is a simple fur very effective method to decorate nails. You will find a lot of different templates in our range. Look for your favorite design and your favorite color of stamping polish and decorate your nails with the prettiest designs.   You will find a large selection of templates in our range and you can pick the right one for every purpose. Do you want a perfect smile line for your French manicure but have problems drawing a straight line with your left hand? Then our French manicure templates will help. With them they make it child’s play to create a perfect French look. The matching templates for nail extensions are also available in our store. There are molding templates shaped like horseshoes with 500 pieces on a roll. These are best suited to be an alternative to extensions with tips, it doesn’t matter if you are working with gel or acrylic. These modelling templates are also available in plastic that can be reused for a long period of time. Test our products, you will be thrilled about how fast and easy you can conjure up beautiful, long and artfully designed nails. Nail forms - reusable forms, dual nail systems and metal nail forms.

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