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Orange sticks Tools Orange sticks
£ 0.07 *
Nail tip cutter Tools Nail tip cutter
£ 5.92 *
Cuticle spatula Tools Cuticle spatula
£ 4.49 *
Pigment applicator set of 5 Tools Pigment applicator set of 5
£ 1.76 *
Fingernail file protector Tools Fingernail file protector
from £ 2.66 *
Nail art mixing board Tools Nail art mixing board
£ 3.51 *
Nail art spot swirl Tools Nail art spot swirl
from £ 2.90 *
Pinch Clamp Tools Pinch Clamp
£ 3.60 *
Nail studio Fimo knife Tools Nail studio Fimo knife
£ 1.76 *
Fingernail clipper Tools Fingernail clipper
£ 2.64 *
Cuticle knife Tools Cuticle knife
£ 2.57 *
UV protection gloves Tools UV protection gloves
£ 2.78 *
Acrylic and cuticle nippers Tools Acrylic and cuticle nippers
from £ 8.30 *
Funnel Tools Funnel
£ 1.22 *
Fingernail piercing drill Tools Fingernail piercing drill
£ 4.52 *
Nail scissors Tools Nail scissors
from £ 1.78 *
NAIL-EON cuticle knife Tools NAIL-EON cuticle knife
£ 3.00 *
Glass pen Tools Glass pen
from £ 15.94 *
Soak-Off nail soakers Tools Soak-Off nail soakers
£ 9.07 *
Black nail art nipper Tools Black nail art nipper
£ 5.56 *
Nail art picker Tools Nail art picker
£ 1.76 *
Pinch clamp Tools Pinch clamp
£ 5.72 *
Pinch Sticks 6 pieces Tools Pinch Sticks 6 pieces
£ 9.07 *
Piercing tongs Tools Piercing tongs
£ 12.00 *
Tweezers with scissors grip Tools Tweezers with scissors grip
£ 6.28 *
Nail tools and nail art equipment for french manicure and pedicure

Designing pretty nails looks easier than it is. Practice and skill is certainly important for perfect nail design. But that is not all. But as with handicrafts, talent is of little help if you don’t have access to the right tools. Nail design offers the right nail tools and nail art equipment for professional nail design so that you can shape your nails so perfectly that they look like they were done in a nail studio. Starting with a fingernail file protection that protects the skin when filing, to special nail clippers that are bent at the front to nail design tweezers and the cuticle knife to push back the cuticles. You can use the professional tip cutter for artificial nails. If you want unusual designs for your fingernails and to pierce them, then the nail design piercing tongs are certainly a big help to easily add the piercing ring and crimp it together. Templates also make work a lot easier. With the self-adhesive french manicure templates, for example, the precise shaping of french nails is easy to design. This also appliers to the shaping templates that also make the use of tips unnecessary and are perfectly suited to extending the nails with UV gel and acrylic. Nail tools and cheap nail art equipment for french manicure and pedicure.

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